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Writing & Memory Workshop

  Writing and Memory is a workshop that has been designed to help students, writers, and people who଩ke to develop their writing skills to unlock the vast potential of their life histories.

Through a series of exercises participants are encouraged to see their memories as a valuable resource for writing. Once accessed many stories, feelings, impressions, and opinions can become publishable pieces. Right now the publishing industry is open to personal essays, creative non-fiction, and memoirs. Nonfiction outsells fiction in bookstores across the country.

Students and writers of all levels can benefit from memory and writing exercises like:
Who have I been?
A journey through the various roles each one of us has played in our lives and how to write about them.

What is your scar? A Vagina Monologues-style look at our deepest physical and emotional scars and how to articulate them for an audience.

What do I think? Encourages participants to look at current events and relate an opinion through the use of personal stories.
And many others.

The workshop discusses published works, using real-life examples, to analyze style, structure, pacing, and to get a feel for the market. We will go over the basics of writing; character, plot, point of view, description, and thesis. Various techniques for eliciting memories and sharpening recollections will be discussed.

The Writing and Memory workshop is flexible and can accommodate students and writers of various ages and skill levels. The length of the workshop can vary, but at least ninety minutes are recommended.

If you are interested in booking the Writing and Memory workshop or finding out more about the process, please contact Deirdre Sinnott at ds@deirdresinnott.com.




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