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Are you looking for help with a writing project, application, book-length manuscript, or just to improve your writing skills? I can help. If you need assistance because English isn๯ur primary language, I can coach you and check your copy妯re it೵bmitted.

For $30 an hour I will read and critique your work, get it ready for publication, or just offer creative feedback.

Try me out firstﲠfree. Send me up to 1000 words and see if my skills fit your needs.

I can handle narrative fiction, memoir, personal essay, non-fiction, college applications, and other writing that needs a private critical reaction before you present it to the world. Please, no poetry or science fiction.

Let೴art a dialogue. We can meet in person in Manhattan or work over phone and email. Contact me at DS@DeirdreSinnott.com and we젧et started.

Deanna F. says: "Deirdre's services were invaluable to me. She was specific and exacting. As I wrote several pages for my thesis, she sat by my side and questioned me on what I meant to say, guiding my thoughts and writing. Deirdre's skills are a display of craftsmanship, experience, integrity, and personal dedication. I give her the highest recommendation and know that whoever receives her services will be better off."

Tina B. says: "Deirdre can read a story, knows what's missing and how to fix it. She's a sensitive critic and enthusiastic supporter篠attributes that you want in any writing coach."

John R. says: "Deirdre has a supportive attitude and a great ear for what works in writing. She's attentive, thorough, and conscientious in her editing."

Emily M. says: "I can't thank you enough for your thorough and thoughtful treatment of my book."

Elissa D. says: "Deirdre's constructive criticism has been instrumental in helping me re-write my stories and chapters of my novel. She offers insightful edits about both the overall story and the small details that make a story stand out."

Susan D. says "I always look forward to Deirdre's comments on my work. It is clear that she has spent time thoughtfully finding ways to make the piece stronger. And she does so in a very supportive, positive manner."


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